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Your Complete Blueprint With The EXACT Step-By-Step Process To Create, Launch And Sell Your Own Profitable Digital Product In Just 30 Days


Learn how to make your first thousand bucks - or $10,000 - online (even if you have no idea where to start) and finally have the freedom you desire!


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Stop wasting time and money

trying to figure it out on your own...


There is a better way to use the passions you have to build the life you dream of and we are going to show you a SIMPLE proven plan to make it happen...


WITHOUT feeling lost and overwhelmed.

WITHOUT trading your time for money.

WITHOUT having any prior experience.

WITHOUT having a huge following.

WITHOUT working 24/7.


You've heard dozens of success stories about people making thousands of dollars a month online. And yea, some of those stories seem farfetched and hard to believe, but, every now and then, you see one and think, "Why couldn't I do that?"

You feel the possibility. You think about how it would feel to work fewer hours but see GROWTH in your bank account. 

You brainstorm about selling something online that could make you money without requiring you to give up time with your family and kids. You're ready to explore the opportunity.

AND every time you look into how to make money online, you end up more confused. 

There are too many options and it's hard to know who to trust. 

The more you research, the more your passion and excitement turn into overwhelm, insecurity and indecision.

What if we told you creating a profitable digital product that allowed you to build a life + business you love...

Is 100% possible for you

And we have created a SIMPLE plan that will take you from zero to launch in 30 days!


Hi, we are Jeff & Mandy Rose. We have taken our online income from $152.91 to over 7 figures.

If this all sounds like a dream, we want you to know we get it. We have been where you are... wondering if passive income online is truly legit.

After years of struggling and trying a lot different things to figure out the "secret" to making money online, we discovered there's no secret but rather a SIMPLE, proven path to success in online business.

In the next 30 days, we will show you the exact steps we took to build a seven-figure online business that frees up our time, makes an impact on others & creates life-changing income. 

We have coached hundreds of people through this process and we have discovered what works (and what doesn't). 

 Purpose: This course is built for ANYONE ready to turn their passions into a profit - even if you have no idea where to start.


A SIMPLE proven plan that walks you step-by-step how to create a profitable digital product even if you have no idea what to create yet! 


"All I can say is amazing! The knowledge and confidence I gained from this course is mind blowing. It is jam packed with everything you need as a complete beginner. The attentiveness to detail they provide is beyond compare! I would recommend this to ANYONE just starting out!"


"This course gave me the clarity and tangible steps to create, launch and sell my digital product! The tech tutorials you provide saved me hours and hours of frustration - for real! Thank you for making something SIMPLE to follow! I already made my first sale and I just launched last week!"

  This program gives you EVERYTHING you need to go

from zero to fully launched and making profit in 30 days!


By the end of this program you will have...

Nailed Down Your Unique Digital Product Idea


and decided who exactly you will sell it to without wondering if it's "good enough" to put into the world

Validated And Researched Your Idea & Audience 


before investing any of your time creating something so you know that people will want to buy it

Created Your Profitable Digital Product


with our simple create formula that allows you to use templates so you don't have to create from scratch

Implemented Sales Systems That Run On Autopilot


even if you're not working so you can scale your online business and make money 24 hours a day

Crafted Your Magic Marketing Plan And Offer


even if you don't understand marketing and you've never sold a single thing online in your entire life

Developed Traffic Generators That Convert


from followers to raving fans who want to buy from you over and over again and who 100% trust you

The SIMPLE - to the point - system you need to create, launch & sell your digital product - even if you are clueless.





  The exact strategy you can use to determine what kind of digital product you want to create and what topic you want to create it on



  Our specific process on how to validate your digital product idea to make sure people want to buy it



►  The exact tools and systems you need to run a 7 figure a year online business even if you aren't "techy"



  The marketing methods we know work and have netted us over 6 figures per month in passive income



  Our proven method on how to convert people from strangers to raving fans who will buy anything you sell





Digital Think Tank


Let’s break down the basics in our Digital Think Tank in a way that’s easy to understand and implement.  


Lesson 1: Different Types Of Digital Products

Lesson 2: Brainstorm Your Niche

Lesson 3: Do Your Research

Lesson 4: Define Your Target Audience

Lesson 5: Solve Their Pain Points

Lesson 6: Branding Basics 


Smart Create Formula


We will guide you through the process of creating your VERY own digital product with our easy Smart Create Formula


Lesson 1: Choose Your Digital Product

Lesson 2:  Define Your Product Details

Lesson 3: Outline Your Digital Product

Lesson 4:  Create Your Digital Product

Lesson 5:  Create Your Freebie


Magic Marketing Method


We walk you through our Magic Marketing Method to give you the confidence to move forward with a strategy that values serving over selling.  


Lesson 1:  Find Your People

Lesson 2:  Attract Your Audience

Lesson 3:  Build Trust

Lesson 4:  Your Offer


Million Dollar Systems [Autopilot]


Learn how our Million Dollar Systems will enable you to profit from your digital product even when you aren't working.


Lesson 1:  Set Up Your Business Foundation

Lesson 2:  Set Up Your Sales Funnel

Lesson 3:  Email Marketing Made Simple

Lesson 4:  Create Your Sales Page 

Lesson 5: Convert Customers To Raving Fans


Traffic Hack Path


Inside Traffic Hack Path you will feel comfortable and confident on social media like never before.


Lesson 1: Instagram + Facebook

Lesson 2: Set Up You Instagram Automations

Lesson 3: TikTok

Lesson 4:  YouTube 

Lesson 5:  Pinterest

Lesson 6:  Create Your Magic Content

Lesson 7: Viral Videos

BONUS #1 - $397 FREE

The "Techy" Toolkit

We hold your hand and walk you through EXACTLY how to set up your Million Dollar Systems so you aren't left guessing when it comes to the technical things. If you like details, The "Techy" Toolkit delivers all the details without leaving you confused and overwhelmed. 

BONUS #2 - $297 FREE

Become An AI Expert

Chat GPT is changing the way the world operates and if you aren't learning how to use it correctly, you will fall behind. Don't worry, we have compiled the BEST Chat GPT prompts and will teach you how to become an AI expert in under 30 minutes.

BONUS #3 - $150 FREE

The Save Time Templates

A library of email templates you can use as inspiration and completely customize for your own email marketing campaigns. 

BONUS #4 - $150 FREE

Custom Course Workbooks

We give you workbooks inside this course that help you work through each lesson with ease!

BONUS #5 - $50 FREE

The Top 50 Hooks Cheatsheet

A complete list of the top 50 hooks you can use to attract your perfect customer.

BONUS #6 - $50 FREE

Content That Sells Marketing Planner

Stay on track each week with our easy to fill in marketing planner.


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Because the information inside this course is so valuable we have charged over $2,000 for it in one-on-one coaching sessions.

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We are offering ALL of this to you  for $497!





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  • Our SIMPLE 5-Module Blueprint packed full of proven strategies to make passive income online.
  • Customized workbooks to guide you through the whole process so you don't have to think on your own. 
  • Step-by-step video tutorials for everything techy. 
  • Bonus modules valued at over $1,000 (included for FREE)
  • FREE exclusive access to our private community for 60 days



$197/Mo for 3 Months

  • Our SIMPLE 5-Module Blueprint packed full of proven strategies to make passive income online.
  • Customized workbooks to guide you through the whole process so you don't have to think on your own. 
  • Step-by-step video tutorials for everything techy. 
  • Bonus modules valued at over $1,000 (included for FREE)
  • FREE exclusive access to our private community for 60 days

Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

 We stand behind the strategies and methods taught inside this program 100%, but we also want you to feel confident investing in yourself.  If you do the work, apply what you learn inside The Passive $1K Blueprint, we offer a 30-day "do-the-work" refund. In order to qualify, you must submit proof that you completed all modules, workbooks and assignments and implemented what you learned. 


This is the first step towards making passive income online!

We will see you on the inside!